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Edgar Allan

Poe's stories

& synopsis


Cask of Amontillado

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Premature Burial

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The Tell-Tale Heart

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The Raven

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Edgar Allan Poe

"Nightmares from the Mind of POE" Myspace


The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

-.Poe (General Topics)

- Works (by Edgar Allan Poe)

-.Lectures and Articles

-.Poe Studies / Dark Romanticism

Information About Poe in Baltimore:

- Baltimore (with a chronology)

-.House (and Museum)

-.Grave (Westminster Burying Ground)

-.Hospital  (Site of Poe's Death)

-.Statue  (by Sir Moses Ezekiel)

Information about the Poe Society

-.History (of the Poe Society)

- Publications

- Contact

- Membership

- Events

- Archives

- Links  (Poe-related Organizations)

Poe.Biz - Find the best resourses on line



Sites For Teachers



Bell Witch

"Bell Witch Haunting" DVD


Bell Witch information


Bell Witch legend


"The Bell Witch Haunting movie " Myspace


"Nashville Travel Video"



Ghosts and Paranormal Sites...

Abbey Ghost Hunters Paranormal Site


Alabama ParaSpiritual Research (APSRradio)


Angels & Ghosts


Barton Mansion


Boise Idaho Ghosts


BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio

Castle of Spirits


Cosmic Society


Crucible Catalog

ESSENCE the novel

Evergreen Paranormal


Fate Magazine

Flamel College


Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

Full Circle Researchers


Georgia Ghost Society



Ghost Chasers International


Ghost Files


Ghost Finders Scotland


Ghost Haunts

Ghost Hunters Scotland


Ghost Hunters Of Southern Michigan


GHG Ghost Hunters

Ghost Magazine

Ghost Science

Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee


Ghost - ghost photo site

Ghost Watch UK


Ghostly Places


Ghostly Talk - internet talk radio

Ghosts and Phantoms Emporium

Ghosts From Beyond


Ghosts of Ohio


Haunted New Jersey


Haunted Voices


Hoosier Paranormal Research

Horror Moon

Idaho Spirit Seekers

Jeff Rense Radio Talk Show Program


Kevin Smith Show - Internet Radio

Lets Talk Paranormal with Tracie Austin

Louisville Ghost Hunter Society

Middle Tennessee Paranormal Research Society


Millers Paranormal Research

Missouri Ghost Hunters Society

Mysterious People

New England Ghost Project


New England Society for Psychic Research


New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society

New York Paranormal


Pacific Paranormal Research Society


Paranormal Australia


Paranormal Field Investigators

Paranormal Investigation Team of UK (PITUK) 


Paranormal Photos


Paranormal News


Paranormal Reasearch of EVP/ITC


Paranormal Tours


Psychokinetic Energy Investigation  aka: Bmore Ghosts 


Renee's Ghosts

Richard Senate, Ghost-Stalker

Rochester Paranormal 


Rocky Mountain Paranormal


Season of the Witches


Seekers Of The Unknown

The Shadowlands

Southwest Ghost Hunters Association

Springfield Ghost Society


Spirits Of The Night

The Supernatural World


Tennessee Ghost Hunters


TM Ghost Hunters


Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

True Ghost Stories


Unexplained Mysteries


Victor J. Zammit - Case for Afterlife


West Midlands Ghost Club


Where Ghosts Do Dwell


Winter Steel "Haunted Library" Books

World Paranormal Investigations Paranormal Talk Radio



Movie Sites...



Chiller Cinema



Paranormal Search Engines...

Avatar Search

Ghost Village


Spooky Sites

Amazing Anomalies

Depths Of Darkness


Ghostly Gateway


Myth, Mystery and Ancient History A to Z Index




Unexplainable Links



Other Great Sites...

"Nashville Travel Video"





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