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Willing Hearts Productions

Willing Hearts Productions is located in Nashville, Tennessee and was established in 2000. The company's first project was the short film “Choices” for the Jason Foundation (a teenage suicide prevention organization) that has been distributed to schools and organizations throughout the world. The following year the company produced the feature comedy “Heaven Admittance”. Their next project was the well received film “The Bell Witch Haunting” based on one of America’s most well known true ghost hauntings. The film was picked up by Shoreline Entertainment and has been distributed throughout the world. The company's latest project, the thriller “Nightmares from the Mind of POE”, was released on DVD in 2006. The company presently has two other film projects in pre-production, a suspense horror titled “Squeaky” and a drama about a songwriter whose drug addiction leads him down a self-destructive path, tentatively titled “Redemption”.


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Ric White’s Bio (writer & director)

        Over the years, Ric has acted in numerous films, shorts, commercials and videos. Then he turned his attention to writing and directing for film, starting with a documentary entitled “Overcoming Grief”and the short film “Choices” for the Jason Foundation (a teenage suicide prevention group), distributed throughout the world. He then wrote and directed the feature comedy “Heaven Admittance” and the suspense thriller “The Bell Witch Haunting” (which has received world wide distribution), and has just completed filming “Nightmares from the Mind of POE”. He is in pre-production for two films he will be directing, the self-penned suspense thriller “Squeaky” and the drama “Redemption”.
         Before evolving to film and a director, writer and producer for Willing Hearts Productions, Ric White began his career in theater by studying acting, music and film at the University Of Maryland (Europe), Belmont University and Tennessee State University. He has been acting since age eleven and over the years he has performed with numerous theater companies in countless productions including the leads in such shows as “Becket”, “Glass Menagerie”, “Good Doctor”, “Boys Next Door” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. He has performed at countless functions acting in various shows, including several one-man shows. He has written ten produced plays including”Where’s The Love?” performed at Tennessee Performing Arts Center; the one-man shows “The Disciple” and “An Evening With Poe” performed throughout the southeast; and countless scenes and skits. He has directed over forty play productions including such classics as “Dracula”, “I remember Mama”, “Little Shop Of Horrors”, “Beauty And The Beast” and “Aladdin”; and has produced over sixty productions including “Wizard Of Oz”, “Arsenic And Old Lace” “Annie” and “Odd

Couple”. He has served as the Artistic Director of the Tennessee Theater Company and Sumner County Players for ten years. Several years, Ric performed as lead singer for several groups and recorded an album of original material for which he won the Nashville Scene’s Readers Poll for “Best Independent Album”, as well as, second runner-up in Song Writing and best Male Artist (behind Garth Brooks and Vince Gill).



Linda Thornton Bio (producer)

        Linda Thornton is currently a producer with Willing Hearts Productions and a director and producer with the Tennessee Theater Company. Linda’s recent film projects are as producer and assistant director on the short film “Choices”, the feature comedy “Heaven Admittance”, the historic thriller “The Bell Witch Haunting”, and most recently “Nightmares from the Mind of POE”. She has also performed as an actress in “Heaven Admittance”, The Bell Witch Haunting” and “Nightmares from the Mind of POE”. She is currently the producer for several projects in pre-production including the horror thriller “Squeaky” and the drama “Redemption”.
        Before helping to establish Willing Hearts Productions, with her marketing and teaching background, Linda helped establish a successful and thriving theater company in 1998, the Sumner County Players (now Tennessee Theater Company). Linda has been a producer and/or director of over fifty theatrical productions, including such hit shows as “Grease”, “Smoke On The Mountain”, “Sleepy Hollow” and “Ten Little Indians”. She has also
performed in several productions including “Dracula”, “Grimm’s Fairy Tales ”, “Pinocchio” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. She has written several children’s one-acts and loves teaching acting to children in workshops.




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